29 July 2010

Google Chrome - take II

Earlier this year, while using GC the computer managed to snag a virus that the mega expensive virus detecting and killing software didn't detect or kill. So the HD had to be wiped clean and reloaded all the old stuff. Luckily our really important stuff gets backed up on a reasonably frequent basis so we didn't loose much.

When we reloaded the software we decided to perhaps not reload GC because it was the browser in use when the virus hit. Bit silly but that was our reasoning. Anyhow, I find not having GC a bit of an inconvenience because I had got used to using it. So today I took the gamble and reloaded it. It was kind of on a low level of getting back an old friend.

Chrome seems to be better for using html and CSS and the other stuff than any other browser. It doesn't just sit there making its mind up. A few people have noted lately that Chrome is having issues with Blogger, but that is nothing new.

I tell you I am thinking of getting an iPad, but I would rather something more friendly to GC and will be looking, too.

Well, now that I am back and have said this, I guess I better get cracking on some articles.

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