05 September 2008

Google Chrome

Well, I downloaded Google Chrome the other day onto my laptop and have been using it ever since. I don't know why it is, but I really love google "stuff".  My RSS reader, my blogs, my i-google page are all really good and now Chrome has me smitten as well.

Oh, yes, I have been around the web and read what everyone has been saying about it - and it bothers me there is so much negativity.  When Microsoft bought out Vista, it was the same, doom and gloom.  No one had much good to say about it at all, and now they same is happening with Chrome.

Let me tell you some stuff, okay?  First of all, I have tried to download other browsers besides IE7 onto this laptop, I have gone all the way through and at the last minute they say it wont work on my machine.  No explanation, or anything. Grrr....  But Chrome downloaded, and although it took a bit more than the few seconds they said (it was exactly 40 minutes), it works.  

And it is neat and tidy, and it is discrete.  No dialogue boxes.  If Chrome has anything to say to you a little box drops down below the Address bar and asks you the question, then disappears.  It is not obtrusive.  Furthermore if I choose to ignore it, it goes away.  Not like a dialogue box that waits until you have closed it to let you do another things.

The tab system is just so much better than new windows.  New windows spawn a new browser, whereas a new tab does not, therefore it is not chewing extra bandwidth.  

It is fast.  For my laptop, it is quite fast.  Okay, maybe not FTL, but at least when I click on something, I don't have to twiddle my thumbs waiting while the browser decides that it is going to have a really good look at the website, prior to opening it for me.  Nope, Chrome just opens it up and there it is.  

I haven't had it long enough to know if it is as secure as they say it is, but seeing as all the other stuff they bragged about is there, I am working on the assumption the security is there as well.

As I use it, I will keep you informed.

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