21 May 2007

Psyco-twaddle, the "Zone" and other ways to filch money

Are we really this gullible?

I read on the internet every day, I have items turn up in the mail, I hear people talking about it all the time. Motivation, self improvement, self help, improve your brainpower, improve your health, and live longer! But first you have to pay a big sum of money to learn the secrets.

Back in the 1980's I was in Amway, I was encouraged to buy a tape of the week and a book of the month. These were motivational material "designed" to help me "grow" my business. What they were really helping to grow were the bank accounts of the people who put them out and distributed them. I will not go into Amway bashing here, it isn't the purpose of this post. I will discuss Multi Level Marketing in another post on another day.

I would listen to these tapes, read their books and I went to a few seminars and meetings. I talked to anyone who would listen, and many people who wouldn't listen. I was not really a successful distributor. In their language I was a "loser" and a "quitter". Tough for me.

I have tapes from other organisations, including a set from Earl Nightingale. I will say Earl Nightingales tapes were not bad, they weren't trying to drum you into doing stuff that was hard and there were some good, meaningful stories on the tapes. I still have these, although I doubt if they work anymore. I didn't enjoy them enough to update to CD's.

Some of the other stuff I have is crap. One set of six tapes takes three double sided tapes just to get to the point of explaining what "the zone" is and how to get to it. I have to say I was quite disappointed to learn this. When you part with good money and believe that you have actually got something that is worthwhile, only to discover it isn't really all that worth while. Back then it cost me about $AU100. It was a pretty big sum for me then to part with all at once. I thought I had just over reacted, but listening to the tapes a couple more times left my first feelings only reinforced. I purchased quite a few books as well.

The authors have made a wad load of money from their books, and maybe they sincerely believe what they write will make a difference. But to find the same standard formulas over and over, with nothing all that original offered is pretty disappointing.

Lately I have been bombarded with another offer, this time over $600, to learn the same stuff.
I have had testimonies from users about how it has changed their lives, I have had page after page explaining to me why it is a good deal to put out this much money to buy these CD's. Okay, I admit it was my own fault, I enquired. They even offered to sell me some "damaged" CD's for a cheaper price. Look, guys, it is a pretty decent offer, but it isn't new and it isn't original. You are only recycling the same old twaddle you just want more money for it. Good luck if you suck in other fools, you are not sucking me in.

And if that is all the Lama's from Tibet can offer you, you aren't trying hard enough.

Next time you are made an offer that is so good, just remember this little rant and thank them kindly for thinking of you and don't part with your hard earned money. There are better deals out there.